Home Guard slogan: Nishkam Seva means [Honorary Service].

The Home Guard Organization in the erstwhile Bombay state was form in the year 1946. It was an entirely voluntarily set up of Organization a year letter in 1947, Bombay Home Guards Act, 1947 [Act no. III of 1947] was enacted by the state Legislatures to give legal sanctions and authority to this Organization. The same set up has been continued after the formation of the Maharashtra state.

The function of the Home Guards is to serve an auxiliary to the police and to extend assistance in maintain internal security. The role of Home Guards is not restricted only to assisting the police in the law and order matters. But has been considerably enlarged into various fields of social activity, emergency like Rescue, fire, Flood equipment earthquakes, cyclone etc. Home Guards are also called up to maintain essential services and to maintain line of supply in time of strike, etc.

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